Cameroon – Culture: Artist K-Tino to Organise Concert for Unity

Some artist from the ten regions of Cameroon will join the Bikutsi Star to pledge for unity comes May 20th, 2020 at 2:00PM

As part of the celebration of the National Day of Unity come Wednesday May 20th in Cameroon, Cameroonian artist K-Tino is organizing an e-concert with the objective of seeking for unity and creating awareness on the plaguing health crisis, COVID-19. The talented artist took to her Facebook page with the words “as part of the National Unity Day and raising awareness against the COVID-19, K-Tino and her team have offered you a dream show on the official pages of KTINO, her Facebook, twitter, and Instagram accounts”.

 The three hour show will host artist like Lady Ponce, Mel B Akwen, Taty Eyong, Richard AMOUGOU, Tonton Ebogo, Chrispo Epole, Digy, Lucky Plus, Christy Sweet, and Sangoku amongst others.

The Bikutsi Queen had earlier organized the first e-concert in helping combat the Corona Virus pandemic in Cameroon on April 23rd 2020.

Born on October 12, 1966 as Catherine Edoa Ngoa, her musical career has risen for the past ten years and her daughter K-Wash joined her line of music.Even though she stated in 2014 that she has stopped doing obscene music and has given her life to God. She started a church called Celestial City in the Gabonese Capital.

Promise FORSUH


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