Cameroon – Economic: I.M.F Meets on Cameroon’s Fifth Review

The International Monetary Fund yesterday January 22, 2020, has expressed deep concerns about the ongoing devastating Anglophone crisis laying specific interest on the humanitarian issues.

Ahead of its meeting on the extended credit facility, the International Monetary Fund made its focus on macro-economic and financial stability, dwelling on the impact of the crisis on the economy and the I.M.Fs program.

The executive board is expected today to discuss its fifth program as the I.M.F says it is closely monitoring the situation in Cameroon.

According to Rt. Honorable Rishi Sunak, Member of Parliament, the U.K looks forward to a peaceful solution, which will include an assessment of the decision of continues provision of more financial assistance accordingly by the I.M.F.

The I.M.Fs resolution on Cameroon is eagerly awaited by many as Cameroon has already received sanctions from the international community regarding the degrading state of the ongoing crisis.

Cameroons suspension from the AGOA trade deal is one of the sanctions levied on the country for the several reported cases of human rights violation.




                                                                                Promise Forsuh



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